Quicken is a financial application that allows users to download transaction data with the help of One Step Update feature within the app. Once you finish the setup auto download transaction, you will not be required to repeat entering passwords over and over. On the contrary, you could download all transactions in Quicken register and avoid making any manual entries. Your Quicken might not download transactions in numerous conditions, wherein you could always access Quicken community page and report or read about your issue or contact Quicken Customer Service Number for online assistance.

If you are receiving an error code cc-501/193 in your Quicken application Windows or Mac while attempting to add a new account or update transactions from PSECU using express connect or Quicken connect, then contact Quicken Customer Support to report the issue or get online help to resolve it. It could be a problem from the bank’s end or temporary connection error from Quicken.

Quicken Customer Service

Timely changes are always performed on every bank server to enhance data security along with smoother user’s experience. Therefore, it may cause a temporary interruption in downloading data from the server as well. You could wait for up to 24-48 hours and try again. If you are still dealing with the same error in Quicken, then speak with your bank and consult.

Moreover, PSECU Returns error CC-501/193 was reported to Quicken Customer Service by many users, which has been taken care successfully. Therefore, users must be able to download or add accounts in Quicken, if not then check for available release update and install to rectify many issues.

Additional Important Tips:

  • Install the latest version of Quicken application
  • Refresh/reset PSECU connection in Quicken
  • Download and install the latest release
  • Run a security check on your computer
  • Repair & reset Quicken data file
  • Make sure the credentials are correct for bank institution

Many such errors may occur in an application like Quicken which relies upon the second source of connection as well. If anything goes wrong with the bank or they make some changes in their servers, does immediately affect the connectivity in Quicken as well. Therefore, you could always reach out Quicken community for more updates and their cures.

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